Bob Holly Speaks on Lesnar Breaking His Neck, Having Vince as a Boss

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Bob Holly Speaks on Lesnar Breaking His Neck, Having Vince as a Boss

Post by Devastating on Tue May 14, 2013 4:56 pm

On Brock Lesnar Breaking His Neck:

"Let me clear something up, people write stupid s--t on the internet all the time saying me and Brock didn't get along, me and him got along just fine and we worked well together. I did break my neck during a match with Brock but he called me all the time whilst I was in the hospital checking up on me. People say that he did it on purpose and I got what I deserved, let me tell you something no one deserves to get a broken neck number one, and he didn't do it on purpose!"

On Vince McMahon as a Boss:

"He was a good boss, he knew what he wanted and you did what he asked of you but you had liberty to talk about it. He was very easy to talk to, a lot of people find it hard to talk to him but for me he was easy to talk to. He kept me around for 16 years and I thank Vince for giving me the opportunity to be there for so long because he could've easily got rid of me several times if he wanted to. He has always taken care of me when I was hurt and I never had to worry about anything, he's always been good to me, he really has."

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