CM Punk Talks on Part-Timers in WWE, Being a "Lifer" & More

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CM Punk Talks on Part-Timers in WWE, Being a "Lifer" & More

Post by Devastating on Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:39 am

Has he inspired change since demanding it in 2011:

"You have me going out there and saying I want the WWE to change ... I did that as a good guy. To this day, there are still people so f*cking pissed off that I didn't get them ice cream bars ... I don't know what they thought was going to happen, but we really got them on that. It's a TV show, first and foremost."

The difficulty trying to make his feuds and matches unpredictable:

"It's damn near impossible to achieve, but it's always the goal. Wrestling is no fun when you always know who's going to win - it's like watching a blow-out football game."

Does it suck to be out there every week?:

"If I didn't want to be there every week, I wouldn't be there every week. Miz will go out there and say 'it's great having these (part timers) back' because I honestly believe he thinks he has to say that ... They don't work as hard, and they make just as much money. But it makes me work harder though - and god dammit that's gonna burn me out."

Will CM Punk be a "lifer" in pro wrestling?:

"I don't want to be a 'lifer' - I don't want to do anything. But I get bored easy, so what's the next hill to climb, and what's the next mountain to climb?"

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