Sean Waltman Addresses His Recent Injury, Offers Explanation & Thanks Fans For Support

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Sean Waltman Addresses His Recent Injury, Offers Explanation & Thanks Fans For Support

Post by Devastating on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:02 am

Sean Waltman, aka X-Pac, got back on Twitter early this morning to address his recent injury and thank fans for their support. Waltman explains what happened during his tag team match over the weekend, and talks about the events after the match.

Waltman was injured when he missed a Bronco Buster and tore his anus on part of the turnbuckle, which you can read more about here. He was competing in a Fatal 4 Way match with Horace the Pyschopath, JB Trask and Jerry Lynn, which was also billed as Lynn's retirement match. You can read his (compiled) Tweets explaining the incident below:

Sorry its taken so long to thank everyone. I'll be getting out of hospital today.Thank U Jerry Lynn. If it wasnt for U there would be no me. Thank u everyone for the kind wishes & some funny 1 liners Im sure were hard to pass up. If u cant laugh at yourself, who canu laugh at? The video doesnt do justice to the severity of the situation. the turnbuckle wasnt covered & my landing should have been 45 degrees. I ended up landing hard & horizontal. The turnbuckle ripped me another new a hole. I kew it right away, U can see me tell ref "tore my ass!" Sorry for typo. I ewent to after party brieflly, but had to leave as blood starting gushing. Hotel looked like a murder scene. So much blood...

Im typing in the dark. sorry for typos. Hotel security called ambulance & Dr Morken @ HCMC performed sphincterplasty to save me from having to have a colostomy bag. It hard not to laugh. So feel free to find it humorous. I did almost bleed out, before ambulance got there. I did the x factor from the top rope & 1 through a table after it happened. My concern was Jery getting the proper send off, Not my butthole. Brighter side of things. will start taking applications for my school. Beginners need to be in shape.

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