Ryback Talks How Legit Pro Wrestling Really Is, WrestleMania 29, His #1 Nemesis

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Ryback Talks How Legit Pro Wrestling Really Is, WrestleMania 29, His #1 Nemesis

Post by Devastating on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:02 am

Ryback recently interviewed with PressofAtlanticCity.com to promote WrestleMania 29 and the supershow event in Atlantic City on March 30th. Here are some of the highlights:

On Pro Wrestling Legitimacy:

"Anybody who questions the legitimacy of WWE, that's all you need to know," he says. "I literally broke my ankle in three places, and I kept running as my foot dangled and finished the match, whereas one of the premier NFL player fractures his ankle in one place, and goes down and he's done. The injuries are real, and the emotions we bring out are real –– it's the best form of entertainment that money can buy."

Who His #1 Nemesis Is:

"Right now, The Shield –– Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns - have wreaked havoc on my life the last four or five months and cost me the WWE championship on multiple occasions and put quite a beating on me on a 3-on-1 numbers game," he says.

"I've given them some beatdowns as well. But they have not made things easy for me the past four or five months, so they would definitely rank No. 1 right now."

On WrestleMania 29:

"WrestleMania is the biggest event of the year for us. It's something you've got to see in person to see how magnificent it is. It's the culmination of a year of hard work. You've got the biggest matches and angles going into one night. It's a lot of fun –– a lot of excitement. You pack in anywhere from 50-, 60-, 70,000 people in an outside arena and it's just something you've got to see."

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