Paul Heyman Discusses WrestleMania 29, "The Best & The Beast", Stephanie McMahon

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Paul Heyman Discusses WrestleMania 29, "The Best & The Beast", Stephanie McMahon

Post by Devastating on Fri Mar 29, 2013 2:04 am

The following is an excerpt from's recent feature with WWE's Paul Heyman:

"The biggest show in professional wrestling is Sunday, April 7, at MetLife Stadium. At WrestleMania Axxess, Heyman is scheduled to be available in the morning session on April 6. Heyman will be ringside for Brock Lesnar’s No Holds Barred match against Triple H and for CM Punk’s match against the Undertaker. who is 20-0 at WrestleMania.

But he is not just a manager when it comes to these two guys.

“I work with my best friends,” he said. “I like to call them the best and the beast.”

Most people see Heyman as an evil mastermind. Others see him as the father of Extreme Championship Wrestling. In reality, his greatness and power comes from seeing the potential in those who become his “guys” and selflessly mentoring and supporting them to fulfilling that potential.

No one but Heyman wanted to give CM Punk an opportunity to when he was in developmental promotions.

In 2006, Heyman went so far as leaving the company over the use of CM Punk. Today, CM Punk — who coined the phrase “Paul Heyman guy” in 2011 — holds the distinction of having the longest WWE Championship reign in the modren era. (His 434-day title reign was ended by The Rock in January at the Royal Rumble.)

Punk has also held the World Heavyweight Championship, ECW Championship, World Tag Team Championship, Intercontinental Championship and is a two-time Money in the Bank winner.

He believes CM Punk will be victorious because he doesn’t have to win. No matter what, he will still have all his accomplishments and will still be at the top of his game. Taker, meanwhile, has a streak he’s been building for 20 years that can be lost in a simple three-count.

“The pressure is not on CM Punk to defeat the streak. It’s on Undertaker to keep the streak,” he said.

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