Lee Westwood confident ahead of start of The Masters

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Lee Westwood confident ahead of start of The Masters

Post by Devastating on Wed Apr 10, 2013 5:59 pm

Lee Westwood believes he can mount a strong challenge to end his major championship drought in the Masters at Augusta this week.

Westwood will start his 60th major on Thursday and it will be the last time he tees up in one before he turns 40 later this month.

Although his form this season has been nothing to write home about, Westwood is confident he will be in contention at Augusta in a tournament he finished second in in 2010 and third last year.

"Practice has been going nicely," said Westwood, who moved to Florida over the winter.

"I haven't quite started the year as fast as I would have liked but that's more down to scoring. I've been hitting the ball pretty well and my short game has certainly improved.

"It would be daft to move here to prepare for just four weeks of the season, but obviously I would like to win a major championship and being here will give me a better chance of winning one.

"It'll be easier going into it carrying some form and not feeling like I've had a massive break over the winter. I'm up to speed and match-fit.

"I'm as comfortable as you can feel [at Augusta]. It's the type of golf course that can jump up and bite you if you get complacent and don't stick to your game plan.

"You look at my results over the last few years, I've come close a couple of times and this year I don't see any reason why this year I shouldn't be involved again."

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