Jim Ross Predicts The Entire WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Lineup

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Jim Ross Predicts The Entire WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Lineup

Post by Devastating on Sun May 19, 2013 5:08 pm

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross recently updated his blog on JRsBarBQ.com and gave his thoughts on who will be victorious at Extreme Rules in St. Louis this Sunday. Please visit his website for all of his thoughts, products, and news at JRsBarBQ.com

-Cody Rhodesif you weeill, hasn't won many bouts since growing the 'stache and he won't Sunday either vs. The Miz. This is on the pregame show. (Have you heard about the WWE app? Watch the pregame there)

-Chris Jericho beats Fandango in what will surprise some.

-Mark Henry will whip Sheamus' achromatic hide like a Government Mule with a leather strap made in Idaho and will then touch all 4 ring posts to win in controversial fashion.

- The Shield win the WWE Tag Titles over Team Hell No. Reigns beats Kane for the deciding fall.

- Dean Ambrose wins the United States Title vs. Kofi Kingston in a match that could eventually push Kofi over the proverbial edge. Can Ambrose restore luster to the US Title?

-Randy Orton won't lose in his hometown, one would assume, but we all know what occurs when we assume. Nonetheless, I'm going with Rockin' Randall but somewhat reluctantly.

- Will Jack Swagger tap to Del Rio's cross armbreaker OR could Ricardo Rodriguez throw in the towel ala Arnold Skaaland for Bob Backlund years ago to cause Swagger to win? Hmmm...don't see the newly minted hero ADR losing but stranger things have happened.

-Ryback takes advantage of John Cena's tender heel/Achilles and snatches victory out of the jaws of defeat to become the NEW, WWE Champion!! (In The Fink's voice)

- Been pondering the Steel Cage match scenario for a few days and I keep coming back to BA-ROCK....LES-NAR!! w/ the help of Paul Heyman winning the rubber match over HHH. The Meyer Lansky of WWE, @HeymanHustle, seemingly has as much on the line here as BA-ROCK....LES-NAR as Dr Heyman-stein and his monster win in the city that Muchnick built.

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Re: Jim Ross Predicts The Entire WWE Extreme Rules Pay Per View Lineup

Post by Marvelous Mark on Mon May 20, 2013 5:32 pm

Pretty good. He was only off on Sheamus/Henry and Cena/Ryback.

And the Cena/Ryback finish was shit.

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